We are doing our best to keep our members updated on COVID-19.  For more information, please go to Communications/Legislative webpage for documents.


The Florida Turfgrass Association (FTGA) is a membership organization that provides strong leadership to the turfgrass industry in Florida. It advocates for the industry on important legislative and regulatoryissues. It provides a voice for the industry to educate consumers, state and local leaders, and the media about the turfgrass industry and the benefits of turfgrass.

The FTGA promotes and advocates for the turfgrass industry by funding and organizing research, continuing education, and networking opportunities for turfgrass professionals throughout Florida and beyond.

Florida ranks #1 in the Nation for turfgrass-related economic activity with total revenues estimated at $7.82 billion and a total employment of more than 173,000 jobs.  Today, the FTGA continues to advocate for and promote the turfgrass industry with extensive research, continuing education and opportunities for turfgrass professionals to network with their colleagues.