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About FTRF


The Florida Turfgrass Research Foundation (FRTF) helps to fund student scholarships and turfgrass research in Florida. FTRF is a tax-deductible, 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that constantly looks for the best in students and research projects.

The FTRF is dedicated to the preservation of the natural resources of our state and to the enhancement of the quality of life of its residents.

Outdoor recreation and beautiful landscapes play a major role in the way of life of Florida residents, from the excellent condition of our athletic fields and golf courses to the aesthetic beauty of our parks, lawns and green belt areas.

In addition to its beauty and utility, turfgrass also plays a vital role in the ecology of our environment. It is a major factor in recharging the oxygen cycle and in controlling erosion, and, as the earth's natural filtration system, it also provides for cleaner water.

Research is necessary in order to maintain turfgrass quality against changing environmental stresses. The FTRF constantly seeks new procedures, new products, new varieties of grass to reduce the dependence on pesticides and biotechnological methods to control pests, and seeks to develop grasses that require less maintenance with increased tolerance to shade, cold, heat and drought.

Through private endowments, the FTRF helps to offset declining research budgets caused by the reduction of state and federal funding to universities and research institutions. The Foundation has the opportunity to become the largest and most productive turfgrass-research association in the United States.

Quality research is the Foundation's highest priority. Through educational workshops, seminars, literature and publications, both members and donors will be able to see and experience what the FTRF has accomplished with their gracious support. Tied closely to the need for quality research is the need for the turfgrass industry’s next generation of leaders. To this end, the FTRF provides scholarships to deserving students.

Your contribution will help the Florida Turfgrass Research Foundation find the answers necessary to maintain and improve the quality of life for us all.