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Wreath of Grass

The Wreath of Grass Award is the FTGA’s highest honor and pays tribute to individuals who have shown outstanding service to the FTGA and to the turfgrass industry.


James L. Blackledge July 1960 Jerry H. Cheesman October 1984
Gene Nutter, Ph.D.
August 1960 T. E. Freeman, Ph.D.
October 1985
O. S. Baker November 1960 Dan Jones October 1987
Joseph R. Konwinski January 1961 Gerald Millholen October 1988
Lloyd M. Clifton March 1961 Thomas M. Latta, Ph.D. October 1989
T. A. Johnson May 1961 Michael T. Ayer October 1990
William L. Barton July 1961 Ruth Shepherd October 1991
L. N. "Buddy" Clark August 1961 Harold Jones September 1992
Ralph F. Jones November 1961 Bob Yount September 1993
Sidney Kirkpatrick January 1962 Mike Swanson September 1994
John Schabinger March 1962 Mark Jarrell September 1995
Henry C. Martin May 1962 John Luper September 1996
James E. Ousley July 1962 Charlie Campbell September 1997
Edward B. Cale August 1962 W. Tim Hiers, CGCS September 1998
Colonel Frank Ward January 1963 Jack Harrell, Sr. August 1999
Howard Bardsley May 1963 Joseph R. Konwinski
Awarded the Gold

Wreath of Grass
August 1999
David W. Turner July 1963 Michael McLaughlin August 2000
Ralph W. White November 1963 Glenn Oberlander August 2001
Ralph Harper May 1964 Wayne Mixon, Ph.D.
August 2001
Ward Wood July 1964 Joel Jackson September 2002
Nash Higgins November 1964 Jerry B. Sartain, Ph.D. September 2003
Chan W. Baker May 1965 Jeff Hayden (Posthumously) September 2003
Ralph Smalley August 1965 Steve Pearson September 2004
Roy Bair, Ph.D.
May 1966 David Barnes September 2004
Wayne A. Hibbs October 1966 Robert Rehberg* September 2005
Harvey Linderman May 1967 John Cisar, Ph.D. September 2005
Robert A. Lagesse October 1967 Erica Marie Santella September 2006
Robert Willis May 1968 Roy Bates September 2007
Charlie Johnson October 1968 Jan Bel Jan September 2008
Francis Brannan April 1969 J. Bryan Unruh, Ph.D. September 2009
E. O. Burt, Ph.D.
September 1969 Tom Wells (Posthumously) September 2009
G. C. Horn, Ph.D.
April 1970 Matthew R. Taylor, CGCS September 2010
Ben Reemelin October 1970 Darren Davis September 2011
William E. Colburn May 1971 George Snyder, Ph.D. September 2011
Arthur Griffes September 1971 Greg Pheneger September 2012
Joseph Yuzzi May 1972 Stuart Leventhal January 2013
Wynfred R. Briggs October 1972 Betsy McGill September 2013
J. Leroy Fortner May 1973 Laurie Trenholm, Ph.D. September 2013
Robert H. Enochs October 1973 Mac Carraway September 2014
John S. Hutton October 1974 Eileen Buss, Ph.D. September 2015
Stanley F. Cruse October 1975 Ralph White - Awarded the Gold
Wreath of Grass
September 2015
Charles L. "Bud" Quandt October 1976 Barry Troutman, Ph.D.
September 2016
Carl R. "Bud" Pearson October 1976 John Piersol September 2017
Harvey E. Phillips October 1977 Phil Busey, Ph.D. September 2018
Harry G. Meyers, Ph.D.
October 1978
Robert B. Sanderson October 1979
David L. DeBra October 1980
Brian M. Silva October 1981
Max A. Brown, Ph.D.
October 1982
William G. Wagner October 1983