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Missions & Principles

Mission & Principles

The Florida Turfgrass Association provides strong leadership as an umbrella organization to make available funding for research; promote research and education; create legislative power; sponsor an annual conference and trade show; and provide services, communications and networking opportunities for professionals in and associated with the Turfgrass industry.

Guiding Principles

Members of the Florida Turfgrass Association pride themselves on being stewards of the environment. They strive for continuous improvement and sustainable solutions to effectively manage our natural resources. They have learned to balance agronomic and economic production inputs.

Above all FTGA members are environmentalists who think green, literally. They adhere to the principles of the scientific method and to the outcomes of peer-reviewed scientific research. This research has shown us that beyond the recreational and aesthetic benefits of turfgrass, healthy lawns and turf will:

  • Help to minimize leaching and run-off.
  • Control erosion.
  • Reduce carbon and replenish oxygen in the air.
  • Cool the environment.
  • And help to purify water.

A healthy lawn can be a vital part of a Florida-friendly landscape, focusing on the right plant in the right place. The maintenance of a healthy lawn requires education and often changes in human behavior to assure proper applications of plant nutrients, water and pesticides when needed. The FTGA helps to fund research, and provides education in all these areas and more.